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Get Low (2009)
An amazingly well acted movie about redemption and forgiveness. Not sure how the Oscars missed this movie. Watch it. I say A+
20 February 2011
A hermit who has secluded himself from society for 40 years want a chance at redemption. After hearing the news of an old friend dying, Felix (Duvall) confronts his own mortality and decides to hold a funeral party for himself. After Frank (Murray) the funeral director agrees to help, they plan to invite everyone that has a story about Felix to come and share it. As the movie progresses we learn that the reason Felix wanted this party is to finally tell his story. One of the great injustices in the film industry is that if a movie is made for less then $100,000,000 it seems that the studios do not promote or release it as wide as a large budget movie. It also seems award shows lately are in it for the ratings and will give awards to movies and people that don't deserve it. Most viewers would rather see "Avatar" win over "Hurt Locker", even though the quality, story and acting in the "Hurt Locker" was far better, but because it didn't make $800,000,000 everyone assumes it's not as good. This movie is one of the gems that gets glossed over because it is a character driven movie with no explosions or sex. Robert Duvall and Bill Murray are at the top of their games in this and the movie is very well done, with heart and a moral that will leave you feeling fulfiller when the end credits start. Do yourself a favor and watch this one. They just don't make movies like this enough, and that is a real shame. I give it an A+.

Would I watch again? - Absolutely, but it's not one you can watch over and over and have it have the same impact.
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