Review of Get Low

Get Low (2009)
I Waited 90 Minutes, and all I got was THIS?
31 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah, Robert Duvall does a great acting job. So does Sissy Spacek. But the movie moved VERY slowly. Not only that, I assumed that Duvall's secret, the one that made him a hermit and put him in a self-imposed "prison" for 40 years was going to be a powerful one. Well, it wasn't. My reaction was, "That's it? That's the secret?" Compare this to Kristin Scott-Thomas's secret in "I Loved You So Long." OK, when that was revealed, it made me understand why she stoically stayed in prison and let everyone talk about her however they wanted to. This wasn't it. Why the vast majority of critics loved this movie is (obviously, due to my "5" rating) beyond me.
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