It has its fair share of funny moments, but does not live up to the original
19 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It's unfortunate watching a talented cast not live up to their considerable talents. This is why Death At A Funeral, a remake of the 2007 British farce is so unfortunate. While the funny, talented cast does what they can and produce their fair share of laughs, they don't live up to their considerable talents nor does the film live up to its original. I think the reason I actually kind of enjoyed this is because I view the 2007 version and this version as two completely different films, but it's hard not to compare the 2 if you walk into this version having already seen the 2007 version. I'm happy that this story is getting a wider audience because the script is brilliant. A cast including Martin Lawrence, Regina Hall, Columbus Short, Chris Rock, Zoe Saldana, Luke Wilson, Danny Glover, Peter Dinklage, Keith David, Loretta Divine, Ron Glass, Tracy Morgan, James Marsden, and Kevin Hart create a better than average comedy, but not the comedy this talented cast could of created. I really liked the cast and did laugh at this more than at something like, say, The Bounty Hunter. I'm sure a lot of people are gonna like this, but, unless you have not seen the original, and in that case, do not know there was an original, you can wait for video, or better yet, skip it.
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