Hey Arnold! (1994–2004)
One of the best Nickelodeon shows ever!!!!
3 November 2009
I loved Hey Arnold! when I was a kid, I think I was about 6 or 7 years old when it came out on TV in Australia, everyday after school I'd always watch it on ABC. Arnold is my most favorite character out of all the other characters in the show, he's a really cool kid with a heart of gold, he's so adorable! I also like Gerald, Helga, Lila and Stinky, Helga always makes me laugh when she always pulls out her locket and talks to it and then Brainy comes up behind her breathes heavily and then Helga knocks him out. Wish the show was back on Nickelodeon, I really miss the show heaps and I really hope there will be a Nickelodeon channel with all the old Nick shows from the 90's on it. So this show deserves 10 stars, best Nickelodeon show ever!
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