"Friends" 1953
22 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I saw it yesterday... I liked it, being a part of a "bohemian" writers group in the early 1990s, I got the vibe of the film.

SPOILERS However, for me, the movie had an ugliness that I don't think was intended by the director: The sharing of Sarah's abortion, from the initial decision to the actual work, should've had more "punch" - it's almost as if no one cared, or considered it not a big deal (Sarah does, later, though, but maybe the impact isn't that much).

Suicide. Man, if one of my friends - a best friend - was *that* suicidal, there would be some real action. At the time, the loony bin probably would've been the right place, with a lobotomy, 'natch.

This is a disguised R-rated version of "Friends," though they're younger, more stupid, and yet more grown-up, but, but, aren't there some serious wars going on? I didn't catch that anyone got drafted or that anyone had older siblings who were killed in WWII, etc.

When the movie came out, I was 13 and my parents, both of whom were in their late teens in 1953, expressed no interest in this movie. I don't necessarily know why, but when the Academy Awards show was on, later, I asked what the movie was about, was it about a subway ride? I recall my mother saying "it's about New York City in the 1950's" or something like that.

Worth seeing because the acting on all fronts is really good and it's fun to see Christopher Walken in what is an uncharacteristic role - at least after all these years. Antonio Fargas is really amazing, but I wish the film had gone a bit deeper into his story, or at least developed him some more (like, what does he do for art?). Shelly Winters is superb to the point that her scenes are hard to separate from reality.
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