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28 March 2008
Don't comment on a lot of movies or shows, but I picked up this DVD by chance and couldn't stop watching. Took in most of the deleted scenes and DVD extras as well, until 3:30 in the morning. The cute puppy sequence is priceless. Patton Oswalt can be seen on The King of Queens sitcom. Didn't know he was a standup comedian until fairly recently, and he was the reason I grabbed this video. Very funny, and the impetus behind the comedy tour and documentary. I appreciate him as someone who has clearly paid his dues. Brian Posehn is good as well. He's an unusual yet likable personality. Self effacing as well, as is Patton above. I especially liked the background info revealed throughout. Hey, where better to get insights into others than through a roadtrip. I enjoyed him in this movie and in Sara Silverman's Show. Maria Bramford was mostly new to me. Very funny and HOT. I'm gonna check out some of her other movies--I've got access to Stuart Little 2 and she also appeared in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 back in '94. That makes sense as she's from Minnesota. Once, intentionally or not, a bit of a Fargo-style accent came out. Maybe she was tired from the road trip or late night schedule. Catch her pteradactyl (splg?) joke. Best of all was Zach Galafianakis. Entirely new to me, his bits were the best. Had me laughing out loud almost every time he did something. And his recruiting of the street performers--brilliant. I'm going to rewatch this documentary. And I saved the "making of" extra. I'm sure that'll be super as well.
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