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Skins (2007–2013)
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27 March 2008
I've tried really hard to like Skins, I really have, but time after time I find myself cringing at the elements of Skins which are (in an exaggerated fashion)reflective of everything the average British teenager secretly despises. No, really.

Sex: yes, teenagers want to do it. We get it. The idea that most teenagers are A)entirely comfortable with it and B)expert lovers from the get-go is as destructive as teenagers being led to believe that real sex is porno-like though. The average teenager is terrified (read: 'shrivel-dicked' or 'closed') at the idea that Skins represents what they should be achieving in their love life.

Drugs: yes, teenagers want to experiment with them. We get it. If you were an impressionable teenager, chilling out watching Skins, wouldn't you feel altogether uptight on your drug experiences for only occasionally puffing a spliff while the characters of Skins knock back pills like tic-tacs? Intellect: have the writers of Skins really talked to many teenagers? Considering Skins sells the idea of realism, it would be easy to misinterpret Britain's teenagers as the most articulate and pseudo-freudian in the Western world from watching an episode. For the most part teenagers simply don't talk like that, can't talk like that and those that try fail to understand entirely what they're saying. I apologise to the poor few who do. While this isn't as destructive as telling our teenagers they should be Ron Jeremey-esquire or mixing pills in with their Sugar Puffs; do we really need a generation of pretentious, self-righteous cynics? Delve deep enough into the average older teenager in Britain (especially the teenagers who watch Skins) and they'll tell you just how threatened and left out they feel at being expected to be a 'Skins Kid'.

Skins can be entertaining when it doesn't get lost up in a jumble of cluttered 'hip' dialogue, self-important themes and utterly farcical narrative. It's a shame the idea of 'realism' is highlighted, because Skins is passable as a raunchy, late night soap opera about young people. Our younger generation just need to understand it as that.

...and for your information, I do fall under the target audience (just about) and I realise not many people will find what I'm saying 'useful', but I had to say my piece.

Thanks for baring with my rant!
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