A Story In Which Neither Tom Nor Jerry Wins
16 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Tom fakes being sick with a cold so Mammy Two Shoes doesn't put him outside for the night. (It's raining.) Jerry witnesses the act and is disgusted, shaking his head and going "tch, tch, tch."

When Tom tries to go to sleep, the mouse sabotages his efforts. This is why I never rooted for Jerry. He is sadistic and most times tortures the cat for no reason at all except to be mean-spirited. Yet, we are supposed to root for him? To be fair, though, sometimes Tom instigates, too.

Decent sight gags: Tom using Jerry as a yo-yo; Jerry painting measles on Tom's face; Jerry tampering with the thermometer; Tom's blue teeth and red measles literally popping out on Jerry.

In this cartoon, neither adversary was the winner, which was a good ending to not only the cartoon but to the set in which I watched this: the Tom and Jerry Spotlight Volume 2 DVD.
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