Indie Comedy
26 June 2007
Fans and members of the niche market that is the 'indie crowd' will probably at least know who these guys are. Most will probably recall Brian Posehn from 'Mr. Show' and Patton Oswald from 'King of Queens,' and Zach Galifinakis as the bus ticket taker in 'Bubble Boy.' And I don't know if Maria Bramford likes to act in professional settings. Anyways, many will be vaguely familiar with these personalities if you have interest in cult comedic scenes from the late nineties or if you have ever indulged in David Cross or Mr. Bob Odenkirk. Similar humor abounds, and taking a page from Cross' 'Let America Laugh' Doc, it follows these four characters through a tour of venues traditionally reserved for small rock shows. This is a taste of their humor and a window into their lifestyles. It is refreshing to see people who can progress the culture of stand up beyond the 'wacky' comedy clubs that seem to regurgitate talent whose sole aspiration is a comfy gig in the world of the sitcom. But these four are a pastiche of the work being done by a wide range of innovative comics. This film follows them on tour, and captures their spirit and outlook on life exceptionally well. While it does not saturate itself in the live performances, we are given a nice balance of performance and lifestyle that resonates well comedically and entices further interest in each one of their careers. Worth a watch.
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