Amazing Stories: Miss Stardust (1987)
Season 2, Episode 21
The beauty pageant
20 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
PR-man Joe Willoughby has organized the 'Miss Stardust' beauty pageant. On the evening of the pageant, a 'Cabbage Man' from outer space is beamed to the venue. He claims that he holds the copyright for 'Miss Stardust' beauty pageants and demands that the show be canceled or accept contestants from space...

This one is among my least favourite episodes from this series. There are some jokes that I liked, but there could have been more, and the story isn't very amazing in my opinion. I think the series would have deserved a better conclusion; they should have shown the episodes in a different order, so that a better episode would have been the last one to be shown. Perhaps the makers knew that there would be no third season and didn't care much about a good season finale.

This one wasn't really bad and it wasn't really good in my opinion, so I have given it five points. I liked the episodes best that had more horror, mystery, or sci-fi, and I think they should have made more of those. Episodes like, for example, 'You Gotta Believe Me' (#2.5), 'Thanksgiving' (#2.9), and 'Mirror, Mirror...' (#1.19). (This one is a sci-fi story only on the surface; it's rather from the comedy genre.)
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