Amazing Stories: Such Interesting Neighbors (1987)
Season 2, Episode 18
Where are they from?
15 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A strange thing happens at the Lewis's home: there's a small earthquake and shortly afterwards they experience a déjà vu; it looks as if they went back in time a few seconds and then experienced these seconds for a second time. Does it have to do with the arrival of their new neighbours? They see Mr Hellenbeck destroy a strange machine. And that's not the only thing that's strange. Why do the Hellenbecks have a pot of water in their middle when they are sitting outside? And why does Mrs Hellenbeck eat the rose that Mrs Lewis gives her for a welcome present?

This is a quite simple story, but that is not necessarily a disadvantage since the running time is only about 20 minutes. However, I think that it could be better if it was a bit longer. I liked the scenes best when the Hellenbecks behave in a strange way, for example when Mrs Hellenbeck eats a rose. There was some suspense; I really wondered who the Hellenbecks are. (Interesting name: Hell and back?) But there are only a few of these scenes; with a longer running time, they could have included more. The ending was o.k., but I don't think it's very original; I think I have seen or read something like it before. (But, to be fair, perhaps the short story on which it is based was fresh and original when it first appeared. It's by Jack Finney ('Invasion of the Body Snatchers').)

All in all, an enjoyable episode in my opinion.
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