Amazing Stories: Gershwin's Trunk (1987)
Season 2, Episode 17
Gershwin's ghost
14 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Jo-Jo Gillespie is a writer of musicals. He has murdered a man. Detective Watts is about to arrest him. In flashback, Jo-Jo tells Watts what led to the murder: Jo-Jo was suffering from writer's block and he had to deliver a new musical soon. His cleaner, Carmen, told him to visit 'Sister Teresa', 'World Renowned Psychic'. Jo-Jo asked Teresa for help. She changed into George Gershwin's ghost, who helped Jo-Jo by writing songs for him. The man Jo-Jo murdered had noticed that these songs are so much different in style from his previous work that they can't have been written by Jo-Jo himself, and he threatened to tell.

Jo-Jo is sure that the new musical will be a success and offers Watts a deal: he will get a share of the profits if he doesn't arrest him. Watts has some conditions: he wants 50 per cent of the profits, and the musical has to be a (financial) success...

I liked this episode, especially the music (for example the song 'Balboa thought it was terrific, when he discovered the Pacific...'). I also liked the twist in the end and the stylish sets and costumes.

I liked it almost as much as 'Secret Cinema' (#1.20), also written or co-written and directed by Paul Bartel (he's also a supporting actor in both episodes). The stories also have something more in common: they are both farcical in style. I liked 'Secret Cinema' a bit better because I think that the story is more interesting and that it has better jokes. But, as I've said before, I liked this one almost as much, so it still deserves seven points in my opinion.
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