Amazing Stories: Lane Change (1987)
Season 2, Episode 13
Cars from the past
31 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Charlene has just left her husband George. She wants to divorce him. She's driving through a rainy night when an old woman beckons her to stop. Something is wrong with her car, and Charlene agrees to take her to the next garage. As they are talking about Charlene's situation, strange things begin to happen. They are overtaken by an old car the driver of which looks like Charlene's father. And they encounter other old cars; in one of them, Charlene sees herself and George. Charlene says she thinks she's going mad. The old woman replies that perhaps she only saw what she wanted to see and what she was meant to see, and that she should reconsider leaving George. But Charlene is a tough woman and dismisses the old woman's remarks as folk psychology. Where are the strange cars coming from? And will the old woman be able to convince Charlene to return to George?

I liked this story. There was some mystery: I wondered where the cars and the people from the past and the future come from, if they are just hallucinations or part of a dream (messages from Charlene's subconscious?), or if time travel was involved. Anyway, what she sees helps Charlene learn something about herself, and I think that that part was well done. And the ending has a twist that I liked. The acting is good, too, and I think that the setting is a good choice for this story. (The lonely road Charlene goes on probably stands for the question which road she will take in the future, and the rain and the night stand for her fears (she mentions that as a girl she had nightmares that involved rainy nights).)

All in all, this is a good mix of mystery and psychology in my opinion.
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