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Rome (2005–2007)
Au revoir aux les Seins
1 February 2007
Well finally campers!! For awhile I was beginning to believe this series was going to be just another boob fest reminiscent of the unenlightened years of yore, (seems light years ago doesn't it!!?) and that Rome would deny any eye-candy for the rest of us! Silly me, I have to learn patience! My boys at HBO never fail to come through with equal time, and Rome thankfully now is no exception. If you saw Episode 15, you already know it was worth the wait! If you didn't see it, hold on to your togas, and watch and enjoy yourself! But not too much!! Lets just hope we get more of the good stuff, and not make it simply a one week wonder! I hate when the producers get weak in the knees, but we have our little fingers crossed don't we. Oh as for the rest of the show (as if you naughties really cared!!!) I'll just say its decent. Much of the history lesson is skewed, but who cares about silly history!! This is entertainment right? If I wanted history, I would have paid more attention in high school instead of staring at Mr. XX's bleep. I better stop. Enjoy Rome, and someone thank HBO already for keeping ALL of the troops happy, again.
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