Mazursky has always gone back and forth
17 January 2007
The previous reviewer said that "Next Stop, Greenwich Village" was one of the last chances to show Greenwich Village in its original form before it got gentrified. I have to admit that I wouldn't have known that. But whether or not one knows that, the movie is still fairly enjoyable, as a young man (Lenny Baker; happy birthday, Lenny!) moves to the area hoping to make something of himself. I will say that it seems sort of like Paul Mazursky made the movie more to please himself than anything else, as the movie drags at times. But overall, it's a pretty enjoyable flick. Also starring Shelley Winters, Ellen Greene, Lois Smith, Christopher Walken, Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear on "Starsky and Hutch"), Lou Jacobi and Jeff Goldblum.
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