Review of Elephant

Elephant (2003)
Unrealistic & Stupid
19 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers

I go to a large high school and I can say with absolute certainty that this movie could not be less realistic than if people started acquiring mystical powers and began flying. It is completely idiotic to think that this movie would be anywhere close to what a real school shooting situation would be. Since when is a high school so serene and silent during a massacre and even before it occurred. People wouldn't just laugh when they heard gun shots and screams nearby. There were even people who walked around silently apparently not seeing the flames or dead bodies before being shot. Nobody seemed to be very intelligent and for some reason, people repeatedly ran past clearly marked exits instead of out them. People who learned of the shooting early on didn't make any attempt to contact the administration or police and instead told people "don't go inside" but gave no reason leading nobody to listen. People who escaped mostly just calmly viewed the burning building as if they were watching a TV commercial - the only sign of fear was screams that penetrated the silence at odd times and people silently jogging past in different directions. Using common sense and the school shooting that have been recorded on video tape (think Columbine) show that people act differently - more sensibly. Hopefully, those who know little about high schools/school violence haven't been lead to assume that this is a typical rendition of a shooting. This movie was made very strangely in an artsy sort of fashion that does not suit the topic at all.
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