20 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
An awful movie. Another Z-grade comedy starring Bob Hope. This time, Hope is joined by Jackie Gleason and Jane Wyman, but even their combined talents aren't enough to raise this dud above the level of a sitcom...a bad sitcom. Hope and wife Wyman plan to divorce, but decide to stay together when they find out their daughter plans on marrying Gleason's son. Hope is insufferable and Wyman has little to do. Gleason, as a rock-n-roll record producer, does seem to be having a good time and he clearly has some fun with sexy co-star Tina Louise. Beyond that, HOW TO COMMIT MARRIAGE has little to offer. The supporting cast includes future National Lampooner Tim Matheson, who plays Gleason's son, stuffy Leslie Neilsen, and "Professor" Irwin Corey --- it's hard to believe people really thought HE was funny!
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