A premature Shogun or Last Samurai at best
8 November 2005
When I heard this movie had both cult classic Sonny Chiba, and the infamous Toshiro Mifune, how could I resist! Not to mention James Earl Jones for a little extra flavour.

Yes despite having Darth Vader, The Street Fighter, and Sanjuro (Yojimbo), the main character was instead one of the less popular names, Frank Converse, as the Captain who must retrieve the stolen "Bushido Blade". Retrive the sword stolen from non-other then a band of Samurai who are against the modernization of Japan. The treaty that both the American and Japanese must sign is held in the balance of this sword. The Japanese refuse to sign the treaty until the president of the US receives the "Bushido Blade".

Although much of the history is incorrect, it does still show the kind of comparison of the eastern and western culture you'd expect from this kind of film. Its not a bad film, if you liked the Last Samurai or Shogun, then this one would be one to check out, just do yourself a favor and don't compare it to the ladder two.
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