Review of Anaconda

Anaconda (1997)
Jennifer Lopez Tames a Snake?
13 August 2005
Being a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, "Angel Eyes",'01, I could not resist viewing this horror film and the horrors of a snake you have never seen before just hugging and hugging the entire cast to DEATH. Ice Cube, "Friday after Next",'02, was a great supporting actor who had a hard time trying to keep Jennifer Lopez out of harms way. Jon Voight,"Zoolander",'01, played a real real bad character who simply loved snakes and was a complete Snake himself through out the entire film. If you hate snakes in any way, this film will keep you on the edge of your seat in more ways than one. A great entertaining film because it has the charm of Jennifer Lopez, however, her charm does not seem to tame the Big SNAKE.
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