Shocker movie with an impressive and bloody duel of the two terror titans
26 July 2005
The picture deals upon the resurrection of Jason (Ken Kirzinger) and Freddy (final movie in which Robert Englund plays the role of Freddy Krueger) who are lurking and killing a young band (Monica Keena , Kelly Rowland, , Brendan Fletcher and special mention for Katharine Isabelle of cult-film Ginger Snaps (2000) a Canadian werewolf film) afflicted of demented nightmares in Elm Street , a deputy (Lochlyn Munro) will investigate with fateful consequences .

The film takes accent as the entertainment as the guts and blood .The grisly murders are creepy and scary, they are realized by means of subjective camera in the stabbing shots , becoming the viewer the murderer. In the movie there are shocks , horror , tense , suspense , screams and great loads of blood and gore . This scary picture blends the events developed in Crystal Lake where emerged the killer Jason and happenings from Elm Street which came out Freddy . The lake at Camp Crystal Lake was also being used to film the final scenes for X-Men 2 (2003) at the same time this movie was being filmed. , in fact the two film casts even stayed at the same hotel. During lasting the film , Freddy and Jason carry out an extreme slaughter and gory massacre of adolescents and being used in the nauseating and gruesome assassinations al kinds of tools : axes , knife, saw ,and cleaver ; until the final confrontation that results to be spectacular, violent and spooky . From the start to finish the terror action and dark humor are continued and that's why it is amusing . It stars the terror idol Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger standing at 6'5" -1.96 meters- tall, is the tallest actor to date to play Jason Voorhees . According to Robert Englund, his Freddy make-up was so thick that he couldn't tell how hot it was from the fires during shooting . When he got in to have his make-up removed, it had bonded itself to his face. The motion picture is rated ¨R¨ for crude and cruel killings and scabrous violence which tends to revolt and disgust and the stomach churns , it is only apt + 18 , isn't for squeamish . The film turn out to be entertaining as well as fast- moving . And the horror pace was well directed by Ronnie Yu . The flick will appeal to Freddy and Jason saga fans and terror cinema enthusiastic.
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