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True Romance (1993)
the truth about true romance
18 May 2005
After reading some of the other reviews on this film I felt compelled to write a review. True Romance is my favourite film of all time. True Romance was not a film that got dusted off in the midst of Tarantino fever and is not attempting to be "Tarantino'esq" in its direction. Actually this was the first script that he ever wrote. It was penned whilst he was working in a video and comic store in Amsterdam. He rented the apartment above- anybody who has seen this film will know the parallels with Clarence Worley. Tarantino was actually trying to get his work taken on at the time by some film companies and he requested Scott because he loved his early work. It is true that later on Tarantino kicked up a fuss because they altered the ending and he criticised Scott for making it too Hollywood. Clarence dies in the original script! Anyway Scott agreed to make both endings and let Tarantino watch them, Tarantino then conceded he preferred the new version. The film wasn't trying to be Tarantino-esq that part was just the authors input on the film which is not common when people are making films like Harry Potter as the author has no knowledge of film but it is very common when working with screenwriters! This film is the most romantic film i have ever seen, brilliant characters, amazing sound track, brilliant acting & the cast alone informs us that this is one of the best films ever made. Brad Pitt was asked to be a lead character in the film but was working on another at the time. Pitt wanted to be involved so badly that he flew in for a days shooting just to do 6 lines as room mate Floydd. "and some cleaning products" was ad-libbed! Just see this film.
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