A movie of laughter and tears
21 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is set to 1953 in Greenwich Village, New York.It's a place that's ahead of it's time.There's more tolerance than elsewhere and the 50's doesn't seem like the 50's.Paul Mazursky's Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976) shows us the most interesting characters.Larry Lapinsky is a young Jewish actor wanna-be.He's played by the very talented Lenny Baker, who died way too young.His over-protective mother Fay is played by the legendary Shelley Winters and father Ben by Mike Kellin.Larry's girlfriend Sarah is played by Ellen Greene.Young Christopher Walken is Robert and young Jeff Goldblum is Clyde Baxter.Also young Bill Murray can be seen there.Antonio Fargas gives out an amazing performance as Bernstein, an African-American gay who pretends to be a Jew. This movie is very much underrated.I don't see why.It is often very funny, like in the scene where Larry gives an Oscar speech in the street.It's partly also very sad, like when one of the friends has committed suicide and Bernstein becomes very depressed.So this is a movie that may make you laugh and cry.The comedy can in some parts be pretty tragical like in the Chaplin movies.You can laugh with tears in your eyes while watching this movie.
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