5 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't care I love this film. Mandy is definitely an actress that eases when the cameras rolling. She fits into every scene,every character so well in every film she's been in so far.

Anna is the presidents daughter and is the one that is a tad rebellious. Her friend Gabrielle cuts and dyes her hair and then she runs off on a bike with Ben (m.Goode). She's making her way to Berlin to the Love Parade. On her way she has some fun. She strips...twice. She meets Spider from Coronation St who has no money..only stickers.

If there are any English people reading this please tell me that one of the security men in the house is an ex actor from Sky One's DREAM TEAM? Made me laugh.

It's a good rom-com-chick-flick with a good heart. Go rent.
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