The Venture Bros. (2003– )
Best cartoon I've seen in years.
8 December 2004
This cartoon blasts every other modern cartoon right out of the water. It's even better than Family Guy (another great show, but which tends to get too sporadic, and even just plain dumb at times). It has hilarious characters and plot lines, and a razor wit. I love how the characters get put into all these horrible situations, and they each react in their own unrealistic but hilarious way.

The jazzy music and voices are also top-notch. Unlike many other cartoons, the voices are funny without getting unbearably grating. Speaking of which, when I first saw this, Brock Samson sounded really familiar... turns out he's none other than Patrick Wharburton (aka David Puddy). They could not have picked a better actor for the part.

If you like dark humor, satire, and overall zaniness, it doesn't get better than this.

9/10 stars.
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