Another teen movie that adds nothing new to the genre
13 November 2004
Pop singer Mandy Moore plays Anna Foster, the 18-year-old daughter of the President in this romantic comedy set in Europe, as she tries to ditch her Secret Service handlers to enjoy a bit of fun and romance with her new boyfriend (Matthew Goode).

It's pretty obvious that not a lot of thought went into this film. The whole thing is pretty generic and predictable. It's all been done before and it's all been done much better. I really only watched Chasing Liberty because my girlfriend wanted to watch it. We both ended up not liking it. The whole film was just very dull and pointless. I know its just a harmless chick flick but that doesn't mean it should be so lifeless. Most of the film is just Mandy Moore running around Europe with two security guards watching after her. The subplot with the two security guards is the only interesting aspect this film has to offer, Unfortunately, the subplot doesn't take up much screen time.

The acting is just as generic as the script. Mandy Moor is a decent actress but here she's completely dull. Her acting is so unconvincing and wooden though she does appear to be having fun and this helps a little. Mark Harmon plays her father and he gives a bland performance. The only person to give a good performance is Jeremy Piven. He plays one of the security guards and he's the only thing keeping the film together. Director Andy Cadiff moves things at a really slow pace and he will put the audience to sleep fast. He usually just directs fluff like Growing Pains so that's not much of a surprise.

I think the worst part about the movie is the music. It's so corny and annoying. If no one was talking then some cheesy song would be playing. It's almost like they wanted to punish their audience with all the bad music and acting. Surprisingly, the running time is only 105 minutes. Of course, it feels much longer and a lot of this stuff could have been edited. Also, I don't think teens will really like this movie because it's probably too long for them. It's not mature enough for an adult audience so the only people that will like this film are fans of Mandy Moore. Make that only die hard fans of Mandy Moore. In the end, this generic teen film is worth skipping. Rating 3/10
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