A great film for fans young & old
15 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Now you're probably thinking 'Oh god not another Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street!' However, contrary to the belief of many this film is more than just a simple character crossover. There are moments where the film, instead of making you jump in fright, makes you laugh out load and sometimes it is easy to predict how a person will die. But other than a few flaws this films is a great film to see (especially if you are a fan of either series). There is also little need to have seen the previous films, although it does help, as it recaps on the characters' pasts (Freddy's more so than Jason however). The plot of this movie is that Freddy is trapped in Hell, because the children of Elm Street have forgot about him, and those that do remember him are in an institution and given medication (Hypnocyl) to stop them dreaming. So Mr. Kruger decides to acquire the assistance of, someone from Hell who is just as sadistic and evil, Jason Voorhees. Jason awakes from his eternal slumber and heads to Elm Street in the mood for slaughtering more helpless teenagers. Freddy's plan is that with all of these murders taking place the children will find out about Freddy and subsequently he will be able to go back to his old ways. However Freddy did not account for Jason's blood lust and soon finds Jason killing his potential victims. What ensues after is a battle of two equally evil forces, although most of their fighting is purely comical. This film obviously appeals to fans of Jason and Freddy but it also introduces a new generation of young adults to two classical 'slasher' characters (who should not judge the characters just on this film). Freddy and Jason are seen by many to be two of the best at what they do, and to see them finally square off is a great experience. It is good to see horror characters finally battling it out, if only to answer the question (that was always brought up when watching a horror film) of 'who would win?'
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