Review of JFK

JFK (1991)
Powerful film of emotions, not facts
4 February 2002
This movie has been trashed by so many people that I wonder whether they hold the opinion that historical dramas have to be rigidly accurate. I know little about the assassination and this movie has given me the desire to read about it. To me that is the measure of an excellent movie: that it is told in such a fascinating way that the viewer wants to discover more about it.

Oliver Stone is an inspired filmmaker, no doubt. And I have to agree with Roger Ebert's conclusions about this film. It is not history, but a powerful movie about the emotions of the time, which is just as important as the actual fact that JFK was killed. Garrison's character is the collective 1960s American who was optimistic about the direction in which the country was being led and when JFK died, that vision vanished as well. The sense of loss and frustration is what Stone captured to perfection.

I was pleasantly surprised at Costner's performance. Given his latest streak of bombs, it's nice to see his brilliant earlier performances. Gary Oldman was believable as Oswald and with every film I see of his, I like him more and more.
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