Fluffy and entertaining, but lose the haircut, Meg!
30 September 2002
I thought it was an amiable way to spend 2 hours. I ignored the historical inaccuracies (didn't the writers look anything up??) and settled back to enjoy the handsome Hugh Jackman looking spiffy in his Victorian duds. I'm not a huge fan of Meg Ryan or her unfortunate weed-whacker haircuts, but she wasn't that bad in this movie. However, I do wish that she would try to stretch her acting muscles in other roles and leave the winsome romantic stuff to others. She has had her time as America's sweetheart, but what went over well when she was 30 is a bit harder to take from someone hitting 40. The ditzy charm of Innerspace and French Kiss has given way to the self-absorbed, solipsistic Kate. I suppose she needed to be uptight and career-driven to make her transformation under Leopold's Old World charm more apparent. (Wait, but isn't that what usually happens in her movies????) Anywhoo, it was extremely hard to like her before that happened. Luckily there was Hugh Jackman and the funny Breckin Meyer (I'm still laughing at his Apu spin) to give the movie what it needed to make it work.
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