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Poll: Who do you hire to perform at your office Holiday party?

You're in charge of the musical entertainment for your office Holiday party. Which crooner do you hire?

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    Bing Crosby

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    Bob Hope

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    Dean Martin

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    Frank Sinatra

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    Elvis Presley

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    Perry Como

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    Mel Tormé

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    Nat 'King' Cole

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    Tony Bennett

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    Harry Connick Jr.

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    James Taylor

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    Billie Holiday

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    Sarah Vaughan

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    Julio Iglesias

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    Louis Prima

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    Louis Armstrong

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    Bobby Darin

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    Johnny Mathis

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    Ray Charles

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    Robert Goulet

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    Cab Calloway

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    Bette Midler

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    Barbra Streisand

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    Neil Diamond

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    Tom Jones

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    Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    My dad always said, "Go big or stay at home!" so I'd hire TSO!

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