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Poll: Celebrities on Twitter

Which of these film/TV-related celebrities is most worth following on Twitter, or which one would you follow if you were to join?

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    Ellen DeGeneres

    @TheEllenShow: I can't believe it. I have 15 million friends on Facebook, 29 million followers on Twitter, and 45 million email requests to join LinkedIn.
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    Steve Martin

    @SteveMartinToGo: Just took my first "Them-ie." A photo of someone else without me in it.
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    Ricky Gervais

    @rickygervais: I will continue to use offensive words like c..., atheism & Derek and post pictures of myself in the bath. Unfollow now if you don't like it
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    Lena Dunham

    @lenadunham: We just wrapped the 36th episode of Girls. That's the most anythings I have ever anythinged.
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    Stephen Colbert

    @StephenAtHome: They just released the first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman. I can’t wait to see who they get to play Bruce Wayne!
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    Stephen Fry

    @stephenfry: So, why do so many people begin questions and replies with the word "so"?
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    Shia LaBeouf

    @thecampaignbook: I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE
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    Oprah Winfrey

    @Oprah: Just left @NateBerkus wedding to his partner Jeremiah. I felt the shift. #anewdayhascome
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    Neil Patrick Harris

    @ActuallyNPH: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm so thankful for food, family, friends, and @Davidburtka. Loving today (and turkey)!
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    Conan O'Brien

    @ConanOBrien: The next Jurassic Park movie should take place on an island where they’ve revived a working Blockbuster Video.
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    Patrick Stewart

    @SirPatStew: My wife just said, without a hint of irony: "Let's get coffee here. I can tell by the font on this sign that it will be good."
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    Olivia Wilde

    @oliviawilde: This year, instead of attending the "Met Ball", I leaked milk, and ate an entire napkin while inhaling a felafel.
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    Seth MacFarlane

    @SethMacFarlane: Omg just heard about Archduke Franz Ferdinand-- thoughts and prayers to the family.
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    Nathan Fillion

    @NathanFillion: Looking forward to Dallas Comic Con tomorrow! Taking pics and signing stuff is my jam! (Except in airports. Don't follow me to my car.)
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    @hitRECordJoe: Just read the word "wristwatch" on a website, but it was written "wris****ch". Very polite algorithm.
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    Jimmy Fallon

    @jimmyfallon: Hashtag game! Update the lyrics of a famous Christmas song to modern times, and tag with #UpdatedXmasCarols. Could be on our show!
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    William Shatner

    @WilliamShatner: May I suggest a correction to your bio? After the word "unpaid" insert the words "and not very funny..."
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    Emma Watson

    @EmWatson: Got to be one of my favourite fan moments. Young woman I just met named her 2 rescue cats after a 'great' feminist - "Emma" and "Watson".
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    Ashton Kutcher

    @aplusk: Your violence is no match for our love
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    Kevin Hart

    @KevinHart4real: What up world....what in the hell are you guys & gals up to????? I feel like talking so answer me damn it
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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    @LeoDiCaprio: Join more than 13M people calling for urgent action to address the #climate crisis: #cop21
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    Shah Rukh Khan

    @iamsrk: I wake up and take on the day…square on my face. Some days are harder than the others but then again…if it was easy it would be boring.
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    Hugh Jackman

    @RealHughJackman: One of my favorite traditions is handing out scratch tickets to the cast and crew. Maybe this is THE one!!?
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    Wil Wheaton

    @wilw: Mumford and Sons is basically Coldplay with a banjo.
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    Patton Oswalt

    @pattonoswalt: Just saw ANOMALISA. And I'm probably not gonna see a better film for a long, long time.
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    Ryan Reynolds

    @VancityReynolds: Happy birthday to my baby girl! Sad I lost my virginity. But thankful I have a daughter.
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    Jeremy Clarkson

    @JeremyClarkson: According to the Mail, I once demanded a helicopter to get me some gravy. Where do they come up with this nonsense?

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