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Poll: The 'It' Face-Off: Bryce Dallas Howard vs. Jessica Chastain

There will be a second part of the horror-blockbuster It. The female teenage lead role was played by Sophia Lillis, and the planned sequel is set 27 years later. By looking at the IMDb-site of the sequel It: Chapter Two, Jessica Chastain got the role as the adult Beverly Marsh. I think Bryce Dallas Howard would also have been a good choice. Who do you think is more appropriate for the role?

Discuss here. :)

Here are some examples to compare the faces:

Sophia Lillis #1 Bryce Dallas Howard #1 Jessica Chastain #1


Sophia Lillis #2 Bryce Dallas Howard #2 Jessica Chastain #2

Special thanks to Jessica for her excellent help, and big thank you to Stephen Atwood, leavey-2, rubyfruit76 & Dan_Dassow for their help and suggestions. :D

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    Bryce Dallas Howard

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    Jessica Chastain

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