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Poll: Is it Hollywood or Little Havana?

Cuban-Americans have done very well in the entertainment industry. They and/or their families had to come from a communist country, often in dangerous circumstances, and they have thrived. Which of these actors who are Cuban-American (or of Cuban ancestry) is your favorite?

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    Laz Alonso

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    Desi Arnaz

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    Steven Bauer

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    Bobby Cannavale

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    Irene Cara

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    Nestor Carbonell

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    Eddie Cibrian

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    Sammy Davis Jr.

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    Rosario Dawson

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    Guillermo Díaz

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    Cameron Diaz

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    Raúl Esparza

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    Mel Ferrer

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    Daisy Fuentes

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    Melissa Fumero

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    David Gallagher

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    Andy Garcia

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    JoAnna Garcia Swisher

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    Jorge Garcia

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    Oscar Isaac

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    Faizon Love

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    Eva Mendes

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    Christina Milian

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    Enrique Murciano

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    Oscar Nuñez

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    Elizabeth Peña

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    Danny Pino

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    Tony Plana

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    Adam Rodriguez

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    Cesar Romero

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    Mercedes Ruehl

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    Bella Thorne

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    Gina Torres

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