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Poll: Funniest "NewsRadio" Character

In your opinion; who was the funniest character from the NBC sitcom NewsRadio (1995) (1995-1999)?

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    Dave Foley in NewsRadio (1995)

    WNYX Station Manager Dave Nelson (played by Dave Foley).
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    Stephen Root in NewsRadio (1995)

    WNYX owner and multi-billionaire Jimmy James, a man so nice they named him twice (played by Stephen Root).
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    Maura Tierney in NewsRadio (1995)

    Producer and on air-talent Lisa Miller (played by Maura Tierney).
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    Andy Dick in NewsRadio (1995)

    Reporter (and spazz) Matthew Brock (played by Andy Dick).
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    Khandi Alexander in NewsRadio (1995)

    The always cool and sexy on-air talent Catherine Duke (as played by Khandi Alexander).
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    Vicki Lewis in NewsRadio (1995)

    Beth, the eccentric secretary (played by Vicki Lewis).
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    Joe Rogan in NewsRadio (1995)

    The wisecracking, tough guy and resident conspiracy theorist electrician Joe Garrelli (as played by Joe Rogan).
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    Jon Lovitz in NewsRadio (1995)

    Nutty on-air talent Max Lewis (played by Jon Lovitz).
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    Phil Hartman in NewsRadio (1995)

    Last, but certainly not least: The late-great Bill McNeal, the host of "The Real Deal with Bill McNeal" (played by the late-great Phil Hartman).

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