Clip joint: hospital wards

Feeling peaky? You will be after this journey through some of the more disturbing hospitals of cinematic history

There's no safer place is there? A hospital is the only place you'd want to be if something was wrong with you, surely. A gleaming white palace of holistic healthcare where the only thing on the agenda is curing the ailments inflicted by the dangerous world outside. And in among all of this altruistic intent is the jovial atmosphere on the wards; the friendly banter of healthcare professionals and the recovering patients. Such visions recur so often in British cinema and TV history that we must hold a special respect in our collective consciousness for the wards. This can be the only reason for the remorseless 25-year domestic accident-based grind through the ranks of aspiring actors that is Casualty.

The happy-go-lucky pratfalls of the Carry On films aren't the worldwide norm though.
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