Interviews with Esai Morales & Kath Lingenfelter, and some behind-the-scenes clips

What the spiders collected this week:

Bear McCreary has won the Ifmca award for Best Original Score for Television for his work on Human Target. It's his second win in a row. Last year, he nabbed one for Battlestar. Huge congratulations!

Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg will take part in a panel discussion on TV writing in Los Angeles on March 27. More details here. has an eight-page interview with Kath Lingenfelter (Caprica 1x05, "There Is Another Sky"), who is working on House these days. Snippet:

How did you come to write for the series?

When I first started in television, it was as an assistant to Jason Katims, who at the time was running a show called Roswell on the now defunct WB. The [show’s] staff at that time included Katims, Ronald D. Moore (who went on to adapt Battlestar Galactica for SyFy); Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts
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