I-Banker Turned Environmental Activist Pumps $25 Million Into Saving South China Tigers

Investment banker Stuart Bray knows from the logic of markets. Now he's using that talent to save a rare, endangered species, the South China tiger, by relying on investments in timber and solar energy to finance a massive re-location program to an 82,000-acre reserve in South Africa.

Conservation Finance International (Cfi) is the name of his new initiative, which was born after Bray hooked up with his wife's charity, Save China's Tigers. There are about 3,200 wild tigers left in the world, compared to 100,000 a century ago. The re-location effort involves transporting the South China tigers to South Africa's Laohu Valley, re-training them to hunt in the wild, and then transferring them back to China's tiger reserves.

The most striking aspect of what Bray is doing is that he's charging ahead on his own, despite criticism from wildlife heavy-weights WWF and others. And he's investing $25 million of his own savings into Cfi.
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