Disturbed and Floundering in the Serial Killer Genre: A Movie Review

*This excellent review was written by fellow writer Ed Sum.

**Full disclosure: a DVD screener of this film was provided by Echo Bridge Entertainment, for review.

Format: direct to DVD release.

Directors: Randy Aldridge, and Brian McLaughlin.

Writers: Randy Aldridge, Melissa Deverian and Casey Stouffer.

Stars: Melissa Deverian, Alex Aldridge and Peyten Aldridge.

One huge problem with the slasher-film genre is that it takes more than a mentally deranged villain to make it work. In Randy Aldridge’s production, Disturbed, what happens here is the entire family getting involved in the shenanigans of making a movie. Parts of the team are in front of the camera, trying their best to be actors. A few of them are even pulling extra duty behind the scenes.

That’s one reason why this film is oddly interesting. The tale isn’t without its flaws and the writing team of Randy Aldridge, Melissa Deverian
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