Tomb Raider reboots abound

Tomb Raider and Lara Croft have have caused some bitter debates, and not just over the official cup size (Fyi, videogame Lara is a 36Dd, movie Lara is a 36D). It divided the opinions of viewers and gamers, both hardcore and tourists. Basically, with either, you loved it or hated it – there was very little middle ground. In terms of the movie, most critics leaned toward 'hate it'. Check out the critics' review quotes on the first Tomb Raider movie:

It might be easier to list the things that were good about Tomb Raider, but little comes to mind. – Joe Lozito, Big Picture, Big Sound

In the department of numbing ineptitude, the pacing runs a neck-and-neck race with the dialogue. – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

This just in: Women have breasts! – Scott Weinberg,

With confirmation of the videogame reboot (due out from Crystal Dynamics for Christmas 2011), surely a movie
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