Let’s Scare Bryan to Death: Kôji Shiraishi’s Noroi: The Curse with Spinsters of Horror Jess and Kelly

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For this month’s Let’s Scare Bryan to Death, we’re celebrating Women in Horror Month with the Spinsters of Horror. Jess (Spinster #1) and Kelly (Spinster #2) have been busy since 2018 building a mini-media empire, bringing a female perspective to the horror genre through their blog, podcast, and various social media outlets where they continually engage with the horror community via conversation and live streams.

For this month’s film, Jess and Kelly chose Kôji Shiraishi’s 2005 found footage film Noroi: The Curse. Noroi’s narrative unfolds through a documentary filmed by paranormal investigator Masafumi Kobayashi (Jin Muraki) on a tape mysteriously delivered some time after his house burned down and he disappeared without a trace. The tape follows Kobayashi as he investigates a demon named Kagutaba, whose presence wreaks havoc through a series of seemingly unrelated people, including erratic single mother Junko Ishii (Tomono Kuga), psychically gifted but tormented
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