‘Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island’: Film Review

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‘Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island’: Film Review
Somewhere, someone has been desperately hoping that Hollywood would get around to making a movie adaptation of the late-’70s TV show “Fantasy Island.” Meanwhile, it would seem that the rest of us — that is, the filmgoing public — are just extras in an elaborate cautionary tale designed to teach that person a lesson. The point being: Be careful what you wish for; such corny old TV series are better suited for reruns than for reboots. As suave yet sinister host Mr. Roarke warns the half-dozen expendable douchebags — er, guests — who’ve traveled to this enchanted retreat to live out their wildest dreams, “Fantasies rarely play out as you would expect.”

This one at least packs the novelty of having been reconfigured into a Blumhouse horror movie. That means a chance to explore the shadowy corners of a property originally designed to accommodate a parade of flashy guest stars, à la
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