‘Kevin Hart: Don’t Fuck This Up’ Review (Netflix)

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‘Kevin Hart: Don’t Fuck This Up’ Review (Netflix)
I have to say I am not particularly a massive fan of Kevin Hart as his style of comedy is personally not one that I am interested in but his new Netflix original show Don’t Fuck This Up has really given me a new perspective on him as a person!

These “inside look into artists lives” style programmes have become very popular recently and has seen many artists discuss how they got to where they are now and this show was everything you would expect. It contained honest and candid interviews about Kevin’s life, where he opened up and talked about his struggles and things that have affected him growing up and because of this, it’s not an action-packed show instead it’s more subdued with more hard-hitting themes. Due to this, we are able to see the side of Kevin that many people don’t know about.
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