Estonian films verging on securing one-quarter of the local market - Box Office - Estonia

2019 was another successful year for Estonian productions, with increased box-office returns, while Truth and Justice has proven to be the most-watched film since Estonia’s independence. According to reports released by the Estonian Film Institute (Efi), 2019 was another ground-breaking year for the Estonian box office. After an extremely successful 2018, last year saw even higher figures racked up by local productions, a bigger market share, and a smash hit in the form of Tanel Toom’s epic drama Truth and Justice, which officially became the most-watched film since Estonia’s independence in 1991 (see the news). In detail, Estonian films continued to enjoy the significant growth that has already been evident over the last three years. Domestic admissions skyrocketed, reaching 848,000 tickets sold for 57 films – 29 new and 28 older releases – resulting in an increase of over 40% compared to the pleasing figure of over 600,000 admissions in...
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