How Color Out of Space Finally Gets H.P. Lovecraft Right

Don Kaye Jan 23, 2020

Director Richard Stanley brings his long-awaited Color Out of Space to the screen at last.

Color Out of Space adapts what legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft considered his personal favorite short story, “The Colour Out of Space.” Although the film is set in the present, it is faithful to the original 1927 narrative, in which a family is both driven to madness and altered physically by the presence of an alien entity that has landed on their farm in a meteorite.

The new film stars Nicolas Cage as the head of the doomed Gardner family, while the director and writer is Richard Stanley, the South African-born filmmaker whose feature career got off to an acclaimed start in 1990 with the cyberhorror thriller Hardware. Stanley followed that with the troubled but still visionary Dust Devil in 1992, and then landed his first Hollywood assignment in 1996 with a third film version of
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