Joker Sequel Will Reportedly Introduce The Real Joker

Joaquin Phoenix turned in one of the most outstanding performances of 2019 and easily one of the most extraordinary performances in the history of comic book cinema with his portrayal of Arthur Fleck in Todd Phillips’ record-breaking Joker, a story that plants a modern take on the classic Batman villain in the legacies of Martin Scorsese’s movies The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver and Bryan Singer’s film The Usual Suspects. And while Fleck may have persuaded Murray Franklin to introduce him to Gotham City’s viewing audience as the Joker, if you believe that Phoenix’s unstable, unreliable character is the real Joker, then the joke, it seems, is on you.

According to sources close to Wgtc – the same ones who told us that Emperor Palpatine would be revealed to be the grandfather of Jakkuvian orphan Rey and that General Hux would betray the First Order in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,
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