The Imtiaz Ali Romance – Love Aaj Kal starring Kartik Aaryan & Sara Ali Khan

One of the films we have our Bolly-eye on is the the Imtiaz Ali directed romance – Love Aaj Kal starring Kartik Aaryan & Sara Ali Khan. Set to release this Valentine’s Day (14th February), Imtiaz Ali will share his take on love in the modern times with a dash of nostalgia.

Of course, Imitaz has visited Love Aaj Kal before in 2009 starring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone however this is a new tale of Love Aaj Kal (Love nowadays).

What is really cool is that this Love Aaj Kal presents a contemporary and relatable portrayal of two stories set in different times, one set in Udaipur in the early 90s and the other in modern day Delhi, that interact to learn (or perhaps unlearn!) from each other the different facets of love, commitment and relationships.

The word ‘Love’ itself brings along with it a plethora of feelings and meanings,
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