The Howling Remake Coming From It Director

David Crow Jan 9, 2020

It director Andy Muschietti is in negotiations with Netflix to remake werewolf movie The Howling.

In not entirely surprising news, director Andy Muschietti may get his wish: a remake of The Howling. Obviously unafraid of playing in the sandboxes already defined by previous cult classics—like Stephen King’s It—it was while promoting the second half of that King adaptation that the director revealed he’d love to remake The Howling.

We were there at the pre-San Diego Comic-Con event, Scare Diego, where Muschietti and the It Chapter Two cast were asked if there’s any movie they wouldn’t want to be involved in remaking. Instead of offering a negative response, Muschietti said he’s always wanted to remake The Howling. Almost instantaneously rumors abounded that he would remake it, though he never got further publicly than hearing Bill Hader agree the idea would be “rad.
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