Scream’s Serial Killer Had Two Different Names Before Ghostface

What’s the name of the killer from the Scream franchise? Ghostface, right? Well, yes and no. If this was one of the genre-savvy serial murderer’s life-or-death questions, he may have tripped you up on this one as, while Ghostface has always been what fans have called him, it wasn’t the first name given to the Halloween costume worn by the succession of killers in the horror series. The mask actually had two different names – one in the real world and another in the continuity of the films.

First of all, a bit of history. The Ghostface look was actually already a Halloween costume designed by Fun World, first released in 1992, before director Wes Craven bought the rights to feature the mask in the first Scream (1997). Upon its initial release, the outfit was labelled “The Peanut-Eyed Ghost.” Knowing this wasn’t a great name, Fun World’s Licensing
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