Blu ray

Severin Films

1967/ 1:37:1 / 78 min.

Starring Leonid Kuravlyov,Natalya Varley

Directed by Konstantin Ershov, Georgiy Kropachyov

Anything can happen in a horror movie and that was one of the reasons despots from Stalin to Khrushchev banned the genre from their homeland for the better part of a century. Education and propaganda, not cheeky attacks on the status quo were the prime directives of Soviet cinema – yet one so-called horror film managed to sneak through the Iron Curtain in 1967 – Viy, directed by Konstantin Ershov and Georgiy Kropachyov. Based on Nikolai Gogol’s creepy fable about a persistent witch and her hapless prey, it’s possible the state allowed this particular thriller to pass because special effects artist Aleksandr Ptushko takes a distinctly playful approach to the story, flipping its nightmare scenario into a quirky campfire tale.

Viy is set in Ukraine and stars Leonid Kuravlyov as Khoma, a naive seminarian,
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