Interview with Akira Ikeda: When I make a film, I always start with my imagination

Ikeda Akira began to make his own short films while studying English literature at Bunkyo University. After being involved in various fields such as theatre, music, and dance, he directed his first feature-length film “The Blue Monkey” in 2006. “Anatomy of a Paper Clip” (2013), his second feature.won the Tiger Award at Iffr. “Ambiguous Places” is his third feature.

On the occasion of “Ambiguous Places” screening at International Film Festival Rotterdam, we speak with him about his career, the movie and its strangeness, Japanese cinema and his future projects.

“Ambiguous Places” screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam

Why did you decide to become a filmmaker and where do you draw inspiration from, for your films? What about Ambiguous Places?

Since I was a child, I wanted to create something. I think any genre or method was good for me, literature, music or art. I think film is my favorite and easiest to create.
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