Film Review: Tokyo Godfathers (2003) by Satoshi Kon

The film draws its core element of a trio of people becoming godfathers to a newborn child from Peter B Kyne’s novel titled ‘Three Godfathers.’ Upon its release in 2003, it received an Excellence Prize at the 2003 Japan Media Arts Festival

The film focuses on three homeless individuals who live in a cardboard shack. Whilst scavenging amongst a mixture of jumble and garbage for a Christmas gift, they come across a baby girl whom they call Kiyoko and set out to find her parents with the help of clues found near the baby.

Tokyo Godfathers” gets to its end goal and explores the past of its characters with the use of coincidences. These coincidences work beautifully as we get treated to a few doses of dark humour with an ambulance and a door. The story weaves in the joys of Christmas with startling social commentary. It begins
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